Non-profit Organisation Income Generation

Account name:Stellenbosch Hospice NPC
Account number:4061825689
Branch code:632005

Non Profit Company registration number:9204080/08


Contact details: sms: 0732076925/
Email: CEO : Marié Wilken / Stellenbosch Hospice

All our services are offered free of charge to all our clients, which means we are constantly sourcing financial support for our services. Currently we generate our income from a wide range of sources, including regular donors, local trusts, the National Lottery, the Department of Health and various fundraising events.

We also focus on income generation through our three Hospice shops in Borcherd Street (behind AVBOB, opposite Heuer), namely the Bargain, Boutique and Bric a Brag shops, where all kinds of household goods (anything from a T-shirt to a lounge suite) are kindly donated through the generosity of the Stellenbosch community. Together, all these sources provide the running costs for the organisation.

Your expertise

Please share your expertise with us to enable us to keep up with the newest trends and to improve our services constantly

Food Parcels Food parcels to meet the emergency needs of hungry patients struggling with the extremely high cost of food.
Goods for the Hospice Shop Goods for the hospice shop, such as clothing, furniture, household items, plants, flowers, books and kitchenware, are always needed. Items can be delivered to the shop in Borcherd Street and large donations can be collected.
Financial contributions Financial contributions of an amount of your choice are much appreciated. This can be done via EFT, cash deposit or cheque. Our bank details are: ABSA Stellenbosch, Acc. no. 4061825689, Branch Code: 632005 Alternatively, use the donation box to the right

We have very limited staff who are just about coping with all the Administration.


  • Weekly volunteers to help with the statistical data which are received every Thursday from the 60 Caregivers and the nursing staff and has to be send to the Department of Health every Month end
  • Weekly volunteers to help with the ward stock control as well as the Home base Care stock control
  • To make food for Bereavement day service, training sessions of Caregivers, weekly day care sessions and all the different Health awareness campaigns
  • Volunteers to nurture the pot plants in the wards
  • Admin volunteers to help with general admin
  • New practical furniture for the patients’ general room
  • The patients need a different kind of furniture to be able to accommodate them. Please speak to Sr Kitty Jordaan before you wish to buy furniture on what will be usuable for the in care patients
  • A second doctor to do rounds in the 12 bed ward
  • A volunteer Social worker
  • A volunteer Administrative officer

Business Services

  • Free IT services to advise and help with computer problems
  • Programmers to write small excel data sheets for the statistical needs
  • Upgrade in all the office computers which are very old and not compatible with the newest offices any more (total of computers needed can be supplied on request)
  • Gardeners to maintain, modify and beautify the garden outside our offices and wards
  • Free printing of cards and programs for Bereavement day every March (about 250 each)
  • Car repair and services
  • Driving lessons for 2 of our staff members who will get their learner’s licences soon
  • Interior decorators to maximize our shop’s attraction


  • Compost for the garden
  • New plants for the garden
  • Big shredder to shred all the confidential patient information
  • Guillotine
  • Stationary
  • Printing paper
  • Printing ink
  • 5 x Air purifiers with aroma oils – for the 4 different wards and one for the front office foyer
  • Sponsors for platters and food at the training of our Caregivers
  • Bereavement day service, weekly day care sessions, and all the different awareness campaigns
  • T-shirts (about 70) for the TB, HIV Aids, Vitamin A and D, Diarrhea awareness campaigns
  • Sponsors for the psychological staff uniforms
  • Fan and heater for each office
  • Sponsor for a yearly weekend camp for all the staff as a treat and bonding experience
  • Toilet paper Vehicle to transport 7 patients / caregivers at a time
  • Small vehicle for staff to use in their areas – we hire currently 2 vehicles
  • DVD Player
  • Music cd’s
  • Story books

Our Home base care staff

  • Coffee, tea, long life milk and sugar(and rusks or cookies) to send regularly to the 60 Caregivers to use in the morning meeting before starting to walk in the streets
  • 60 Umbrellas (one each) for every Caregiver to use when they walk every day in the sun/rain to all their patients
  • We get R600 per year per carer for clothes which is not enough for the whole outfit plus shoes and warm/rain jackets – Anything in this line will help
  • Cell phones (when you upgrade, you can give us your old ones) – every Care giver must own a cell phone in order to phone in when her patients needs urgent care or must be brought in to our hospital unit
  • A friend who will walk with Caregivers (maybe once or twice) to see what they do and befriend them and just is somebody with who they can share the trauma they experience every day with the palliative and chronic patients – Preferably one volunteer who befriend one Home Base Caregiver and be her friend throughout the year – contact via whatsapp and/or in person at times.

All the Staff

  • Psychological support for the staff in the offices (You might adopt one person and just befriend her/him and be there for them on a regular basis, or do group therapy or individual therapy)
  • Trainees who will share their knowledge:
  • Teach one of our workers to read and write
  • on personal relationships
  • on coping skills in this environment
  • on how to handle their money
  • on how to handle own personal circumstances
  • on laughter, humour and positive attitudes – stress relieve
  • on personal fitness and exercises for themselves and our patients
  • on weight control and eating habits on healthy lifestyles team building

  • who are willing to listen to our staff’s stories and write the stories down for the website, book, movies, newspapers, magazines. Please contact us for the privacy policy, but we need stories!!
  • who will market the shop and our services throughout the Winelands Municipality District
  • who will take responsibility for photo’s at some/all occasions which can be used with stories
  • who will market our services to the medical professionals who have palliative patients. (we want them to refer their patients to us.
  • who will source income opportunities and sponsorships

  • who will get the different age groups involved actively volunteering &/ raising funds:
  • Pre schools
  • Primary schools
  • High schools
  • Colleges
  • University
  • Businesses
  • Old age
  • All other groups