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Our shop, situated in Borcherd Street, is one of our most valuable assets. Donations are accepted from the community, anything from household goods and clothing no longer needed, to books no longer read. These items are sold in our shop and the revenue generated enables us to deliver the required palliative care services to our patients.

Some of our more upmarket clothing items are sold from a ’boutique rail’ in the clothing store, Vintage Label clothes from Europe, 35 Andringa Street. You might want to donate more valuable items, knowing that they will go for slightly higher prices. All proceeds go to hospice.

The shop is our biggest source of income and one way for the community to participate in our work, either by donating items or coming in and spending some money. There are many bargains and gems to find!

List of popular goods:

  • Used or new clothing, shoes, jewellery, bags
  • Books and magazines
  • Toys
  • Household goods such cutlery and crockery, fridges, electrical supplies in working condition
  • Linen, bed throws, towels, table cloths
  • Furniture such as beds, mattresses, cupboards, tables
  • Baby goods such as baby cots, prams, car seats, high chairs

Business hours: 9am – 4h45pm, closes at 12h30 on Saturdays.

Contact number: 021 887 9349