Professional business people who will share their knowledge on Shop management and outlay
A free storage place for goods received where it can be sorted and marked
  • Manage all the volunteer work (Sonja Dorrington-Turk, volunteer co-ordinator needs help)
  • iron, mark and sort clothes and items
  • with stock control customers in the shops and help prevent stealing
  • move the furniture received from trailers to shop when and where needed (strong people)
  • sell our stock in stalls/places outside the shop and on festivals
  • fix and change things in the shop (handyman work)
  • test the electronic donations (electronically abled people)
  • beautify our shop by painting the walls (eg. The hostels who do paintings every year for their marketing) or artists
  • with Hospice day 20th of March. Selling our clothes with a turquoise ribbon and the whole town is involved in wearing that item on Hospice day
  • change the interior of the shops for maximum usage
  • Washing powder to wash our linen in our wards and the donated clothes for the shop
  • Carton paper to use for marking labels in our shop
  • Marker guns and equipment
  • Guillotine to cut the paper carton for labels
  • Stationary – receipt books, pens, staplers staples Items and plants to sell in the shop
  • Handmade items on probation to sell in the shop on a commission basis
  • Plants to sell in the shops
  • Fresh farm products to sell in the shops
  • Shop dolls for the shop windows
  • Burglar bars for our shops
  • Bakkie to collect the items from donators and move items between the storage and the shops
  • Newer till systems to be able to record the items by name

Hospice Directions