We have a dedicated team of highly qualified nursing sisters and well trained carers who provide daily palliative and chronic care across the Stellenbosch District for our ever- increasing number of patients, who suffer mainly from Cancer, HIV/AIDS and TB. Our psycho-social staff combine with the medical team to offer a holistic palliative service to enable patients and their families to cope with not only the burden of disease, but also the very tough socio-economic conditions and the challenges of bereavement.

The Stellenbosch Hospice recently opened its new 10-bed Butterfly Ward, which in the meantime has increased to 12 beds, containing two single rooms with their own patios, as well as a six-bed and a three-bed ward. All rooms overlook the Hospice’s lovely shaded Peace Garden, with a bubbling fountain, wheelchair trail and benches where patients can relax with their families. Loving care for our terminal and respite patients in this ward is provided by Sister Kitty Jordaan and her team of Sister Kate Kantwe, Sister Colleen Cronjé and the other carers.

The majority of our palliative and chronic patients are cared for in the privacy of their own homes. The 58 carers are organised into area teams, under the supervision of the area palliative sister, who develops individual patient-care plans based on assessment. Regular home visits are carried out by our carers, whose daily services can include full bed bath, wound care, and providing a listening ear. Sisters follow up with patients needing advanced care.


  • Our team of two social workers, one auxiliary social worker and volunteers provides counselling support to patients and their families through individual and family counselling sessions, as well as bereavement counselling where needed. We host an annual remembrance service, which also provides a further healing opportunity and time to treasure families’ many happy memories.

Additional support:

  • Assistance with accessing government grants ensures an improvement in patients’ socio- economic conditions.
  • Regular occupational therapy days are held for the more mobile patients who benefit from the social interaction with others who are ill, plus the stimulation of practical activities and the joy of regular field trips to special places, such as the sea or Botanical Gardens.


Stellenbosch Hospice offers our patients a 24/7 Intermediary Care Facility in our beautiful Butterfly Ward.


With a total of twelve beds in two single rooms and one 4 bed and one 6 bed ward . Our full time day and night sisters and their carer teams and our doctor who visits daily.


Community-based service provides hospice care in the privacy of patients’ own homes

Home Based Care

Our six teams of carers, totalling 60 carers in all, together with their supervising community sisters, staff nurses and enrolled nursing sisters, and each one works with the patients and communities in the area where the carers live.


Psychosocial support is given through counselling, spiritual care and bereavement support, both in the wards and in the homes.

Psycho Social Services

Our team offers a wide variety of support, including individual counselling, family counselling, and assistance with the acquisition of legal documentation such as IDs or birth certificates, which are so essential to enable families to get their child or disability grants.



These unsung heroes and heroines enable Stellenbosch Hospice to do so much more, to reach out to so many more people, and together we are able to make a significant difference in the lives of so many.