Show Support for Palliative Care

With the “right to die ruling” happening on Friday at the Supreme Court,  HPCA would like our Member Hospices to show support for Palliative Care by using the  posters for your perusal. Here is also a link to a respond by our CEO to Archbishop Desmond Tutu  Dr. Liz Gwyther responds to Archbishop Desmond Tutu


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Ryans’ Story

Ruan looked a little bit pale when he entered the kitchen.
“Morning, Mom. Just a cup of coffee and I’m off.”
“Not having breakfast, Son? Is something the matter?”
“Just a busy day, finalising some stuff for the big move. England is far away and I can’t leave anything undone.”
“Are you sure that’s all? You look pale.”
“I’m fine, […]

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More volunteer and patient stories



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Stellenbosch Hospice Stories



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Volunteer Stories


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Thank you Irene

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Bloemhof girls care

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